Minutes and internal documents

MPET links EBIT links
MPET front end - how to start the frontene EBIT front end - how to start the frontend
MPET elog EBIT elog
MPET midas daq EBIT ppg
MIDAS to EVA debug [pdf] EBIT tig10
MPET repair,modification, and upgrade 2010
MPET electrodes - names of the MPET electrodes EBIT calendar - Ge fillings with LN2
MPET ladder EBIT-Login.pdf - computer names
MPET center frequency EBIT Tunes - how to edit tune buttons
MPET oscilloscope  
camera for MPET scaler  

RFQ Links CPET Links
TRILIS SR430 with NI GPIB gateway CPET Elog
RFQ Manual

Link to TITAN forum

TITAN forum


TITAN wiki

TITAN wiki

Guidelines for Lab Cleanup Lets meet on the platform every Tuesday at 3:30pm to fight the mess
TITAN MCP stock list TITAN MCP stock list. Please update list as soon as new MCPs are purchased or old ones get repaired or replaced.
Beam tuning Site with numbers helpful for beam tuning
Phone list All the numbers you might need
TRIUMF UHV Cleaning & Assembling Procedsure TRIUMF UHV Cleaning & Assembling Procedsure
Archive Talks, pictures, ... all you need for a presentations
If you have pictres, power point slides, sketches, ... that you want to share with others, please copy them to the corresponding folder in
[titan@ibm00 ~/public_html/intern/archive]
Links Physics links - send me more to list here
Manuals & supplier Links to manuals and suppliers - send me more to list here
MCS-page (needs to run on Thomas' machine) Webpage to control the MCS
MCS-activity-page (needs to run on Thomas' machine) Webpage to control the MCS
MCS Data The data is writte to [titan@ibm00 ~/public_html/intern/MCS_data]
EPICS 1D Scan A program to do 1D scans of EPICS variables.
EmmitanceMeter-page (needs to run on msmith) Webpage to control the Emittance Meter
Emittance Data The data is writte to [titan@ibm00 ~/public_html/intern/emittance_data]
MPET comissioning (doc, pdf) Document to comission the MPET experiment
Labview-RS232-GPIB to LAN Gateway Description how to set-up communication between LabVIEW and a RS232 device connected to an Agilent Technologies E5810 LAN/GPIB Gateway

TSYBL & EBITBL Vac. Sys. Schematic ISK5039D.pdf
MPET & MPETBL - Vac. Sys. Schematic ISK5040D.pdf
EBIT - Vac. Sys. Schematic ISK5041D.pdf
TSYBL to MPET - Vac. Sys. Schematic ISK5043D.pdf
MPET - beam line drawing MPET BL drawing

An improved vacuum system for storing highly charged ions in a Penning trap report by Damien Robertson (Summer 2011)
Damien's presentation presentation by Damien Robertson (Summer 2011)
Tig10 performance report with TITAN's Ge detectors Tig10 report
The RF System for the TITAN mass measurement penning trap Alexei's report
A 2-Way Daly-Type Beam Diagnostic System for TITAN EBIT Cecilia's report
Cecilia's presentation
The Radio Frequency System for the MPET and EBIT Nikolina's report
Vacuum Tests for the TITAN Cooler Penning Trap Scott's report
Emittance measurements in reverse extraction mode Tim's report

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Proposed spec list for CPET ppg (ad meeting Nov 2nd)  
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