Several Universities and Institutes worldwide are part of the TITAN collaboration. In May 2010 a TITAN collaboration meeting was organized at TRIUMF to coordinate future efforts and developments. Material discussed and presented is available on the internal collaboration page. Please direct questions concerning the TITAN collaboration to Jens Dilling.

TITAN collaboration 2010 Aaron Gallant

Canadian Collaborators:     (all logos on this page are clickable)

F. Buchinger, J. Crawford
University of Manitoba
G. Gwinner
University of Windsor
G. Drake
University of Calgary
R. I. Thompson, M. Wieser
Simon Fraser University
C. Andreoiu

Worldwide partners and collaboration:

CERN Isolde - Isoltrap
S. Kreim
National Superconducting Laboratory
R. Ringle , G. Bollen
Max Planck Institute
K. Blaum, J. Crespo
TU Dresden
K. Zuber
Universität Münster
D. Frekers
Harvard University
S. Ettenauer
Stanford University
T. Brunner
Yale University
V. Werner
H. Savajols
Giessen University
Ch. Scheidenberger, W. Plass GSI
D. Luney
University of Notre Dame
M. Brodeur