TITAN Electron Capture

Experiment proposal

Electron capture branching ratios for the odd-odd intermediate nuclei in double-beta decay using the TITAN ion trap facility

D. Frekers, J.Dilling, and I.Tanihata
[PDF - 473kB]

The goal of this experiment is to measure the electron capture (EC) branching ratios seen in double beta decay using TITAN’s new ion trap facility at TRIUMF.

These measurements are important for determining the nuclear matrix elements involved in double beta decay. So far there are no direct measurements of the EC branching ratios in these decays. Using TITAN’s new electron beam ion trap (EBIT) increased sensitivity can be achieved due to significantly reduced background levels.

The measurements will be performed by storing an isotopically pure sample backing free inside the trap. X-rays from the EC will be observed by high-resolution detectors placed perpendicular to the magnetic axis. Electrons from the associated β--decay will be guided along the magnetic field lines away from the center and out of the trap. Since the magnetic field is high (6T) the electrons will not hit the X-ray detectors. A β- detector will also be used at the trap exit for anti-coincidence measurements.

To determine the optimal geometry and experimental setup computer simulations of the experiment are now underway at TRIUMF.

A summary of the first test run with In-107 is presented at an ISAC forum at TRIUMF in the following document:[TITAN-EC test run for E1066.pdf]