TITAN Collaboration meeting and workshop
TRIUMF, Vancouver, June 10-11, 2005

The TITAN collaboration meeting and workshop has concluded. It was a great success, and we thank all the participants for their contributions. Please email your presentations to us so that we can make an informal workshop proceedings available through this website.

Here is the group photo of the workshop participants made at the conclusion of the workshop at the TITAN platform.



Friday, June 10, 2005
9:00 Jens Dilling 20+10 Overview
9:30 Matthew Smith 20+10 RFQ status and testing of the RFQ
10:00 Laura Blomeley 20+10 Testing of the RFQ
10:30 Coffee 15  
10:45 Robert Moore 20+10 High capacity RFQ for intense bunched ion beams
11:15 Robert Thompson 20+10 Computational and theoretical analyses of sympathetic cooling of ions in a linear Paul Trap
11:45 Guenther Sikler 20+10 TITAN EBIT
12:15 Oliver Kester 20+10 Charge breeding with EBIS/T within the EURONS project
12:45 Lunch 45
13:30 Rick Baartman 20+10 TITAN transport beamline
14:00 Gerald Gwinner 20+10 Cooling of HCIs at TITAN
14:30 Vladimir Ryjkov 20+10 Penning trap status
15:00 Maxime Brodeur 10+5 Simulations of ion injection and ejection
15:15 Coffee 15  
15:30 Juergen Kluge 20+10 SHIPTRAP, HITRAP and MATS; Status and Plans for ion trap projects at GSI and FAIR
16:00 Kumar Sharma 20+10 CPT update
16:30 General discussion    
18:00 Dinner    

Saturday, June 11, 2005
9:00 Jens Dilling 10 Mass measurements
9:10 Pierre Bricault 20 Introduction to ISAC
9:30 Gordon Ball 20+10 Mass measurements for Vud
10:00 Jac Caggiano 10+5 Al, Si mass measurements for Nuclear Astrophysics
10:15 Rituparna Kanungo 10+5 C19 mass measurements
10:xx Fred Sarazin 10+5 Neutron Rich Nuclei: Halos and Shell Closures
10:30 Coffee 15  
10:45 Carlo Barbieri 20+10 Constraining Fermi matrix elements with nucleon-nucleus scattering
11:15 John Crawford 20+10 Collinear laser spectroscopy on bunched beams
11:45 Vladimir Ryjkov 20+10 Hyperfine anomaly and nuclear g-factor measurements of Ba isotopes
12:15 Lunch 1:15   
13:30 Gordon Drake 20+10 Charge radius of halo nuclei
14:00 Matthew Pearson 20+10 Laser spectroscopy at TITAN
14:30 Johannes Braun 20+10 x-ray spectroscopy for isotope shift measurements on series of radioactive isotopes
15:00 Zoltan Harman 20+10 Theory for isotope shifts in x-ray spectra
15:30 Coffee 15  
15:45 General discussion    
17:00 Conclusions